We specialize in providing medical billing, compliance, and consultation for health care professionals.

Physician Services assists its clients in increasing their income while saving them valuable time and money. Income can be increased by taking advantage of geographic incentives, Medicare incentives and coding to the highest level of specificity.

We specialize in providing medical billing, compliance, and consultation for health care professionals.

Medical billing has become a high risk business.   Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances are auditing for practice and billing irregularities.  Fines and recoupments can be devastating.  To bill correctly and efficiently requires a specialized, well-educated staff. Physician Services has over 30 years of experience in medical billing and a proven track record. It routinely carries net collection ratios in the high ninetieth percentile for its specialists while providing support in compliance and coding issues.  It does not focus on the “easy money.” It works for every collectible dollar.

To be successful at medical billing you must:

  • Understand and be up-to-date on all insurance guidelines
  • Have a fully supported, state-of-the-art billing system
  • Use professional and accurate coders and billers
  • Understand managed care payments and adjustments
  • Collect every collectible dollar
  • Have the resources to answer any questions

Physician Services offers all of the above to its clients.  And because its main office is located in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, it specializes in issues relating to reimbursement in border states. It bills for medically underserved areas, undocumented aliens and the indigent.

Medicare and Medicaid

Physician Services provides its clients with invaluable information regarding federal guidelines for the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Both programs do random and targeted audits to identify providers who are violating the guidelines. Physicians and their staff must be working within the guidelines, coding correctly and disclosing problems. If they are not, the penalties can he devastating. Physician Services is committed to keeping its physicians current with applicable guidelines and to assist them in identifying problem areas that could create difficulties. It has contacts at Medicare and Medicaid that it regularly consults with regarding federal policy and guidelines.

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